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All Over The Map

2 Detectives, 1 body, no clue.

(Artwork - Poppy Spinks Illustrator) - Instagram:@P_Spinks

Back in September last year, I got a phone call one afternoon from comedian, Lewis. He is also a writer as well as Co-Creator of 'Get Giddier' (a production house who produce short sketches). He reached out after coming across an episode of my web series 'Howard'. He spoke about the potential of us working together on future projects and straight away, we were on the same page. We have different tastes and style as comedians and writers but at the centre, we both shared the same outlook on what we want and how we wanted to do it. Soon after that, I met the rest of the 'Get Giddier' crew, Clementine (Co-Creator/Writer/Actress) and Liam (Co-Creator/Director).

I was excited about us collaborating, as two heads are better than one but in this case, we had four on the job. Writing usually requires many hours sat alone in front of a computer and even though I enjoy my own company, having the chance of collaborating with 'Get Giddier' allowed for a writer's room environment and a melting pot of ideas (and the company is alright too). Especially when the 'Get Giddier' style of work in their previous projects felt packed with energy and originality.

However before settling on an idea to collaborate on we needed to develop chemistry as a group which is near enough impossible to fake unless you're an X-Factor boy band, Oceans 11 or on a team-building weekend in Yarm. So how did we make this happen? That's right you guessed it, weekly Tuesday afternoon meetings with coffee, biscuits and everyone's favourite little Willy (no not Lewis or Liam's before you start wondering, Clem's cat of the same name).

After a few of these meetings, it didn't take us long before we settled on a script idea for 'Fighting Darkness' (released earlier this month - check it out below) the aim of this project was to make a heavily satirised police drama. Now we had our target we all began to bring our own strengths to the table. Both Liam and Lewis were able to take the idea/script and give it a unique flavour on camera which kept the story moving and visually engaging with a range of dynamic shots. Whereas Clementines' natural ability as a performer freed her character up to add a strong physicality to her performance, adding another layer of humour (one might say "good work detective").

All in all, for the first time of collaborating as a group, I felt that we'd achieved what we aimed for. It wasn't a total success and we learnt lessons which we can carry with us on future productions but it was a good step forward. I'm not the first to say it but working with others and being open to adopting new ideas can only produce better content. We're all already well underway on new ideas and hope to have more content to share in the coming months. In the meantime definitely check out the other fantastic content 'Get Giddier' have produced - HERE

Until next time take it easy.


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