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Manchester. UK.

Firstly, thanks a lot for checking out my website.


If you're already someone who knows me, you probably don't need to read this bit so feel free skip this part and check out other areas of my website. Though if you’re someone I've never met before, strap in and prepare for an introduction. 

My name is Harry Stachini. I'm a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. I first started to really perform stand up comedy in 2014 and did my first ever gig at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool (which at the time was a room above a pub). Since then I've been a finalist in various new act competitions such as Liverpool Comedian of The Year 2015 and Nando's Comedian of the Year in 2014, where the grand prize was £300 worth of chicken - I came 3rd, won £100 and believe it or not the winner was a vegetarian. For a while that £100 worth of chicken was the most I earned from comedy...

Since then I've performed for comedy clubs all over the UK. During 2017, I was given the opportunity to host the prestigious Bound and Gagged Comedy ‘AAA’ Comedy Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival in Pleasance Courtyard. This was a lot better than a gig I did in an ice cream parlour in Leicester, where there were more flavours than people. 

Alongside performing stand up comedy, I worked in television as a production assistant for a while. Other than comedy that’s the most fun I’ve ever had working in a "real job" and I found a real passion for filmmaking. In 2017 I wrote, performed and produced (with the help of my unbelievably talented crew) a comedy web series called 'Howard' which was released on Facebook & YouTube. 

To put it simply: I write comedy, I perform comedy and I make comedy films, in an effort to try and make something happen so that one day I can look back upon that gig in the Ice cream parlour and say "That was definitely worth it".

Take it easy and have a look about!