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My Top 3 Podcasts.

Podcasts these days are something we all have time for. I listen to them regularly due to the amount of driving comedy requires, so it's either my iPod or a podcast. I can't stand the radio from fear of hearing Sean Paul shout 'Bang Bang' one more time. Around the early 2000s, Sean Paul was fairly cool but now he's like an unwanted relative who keeps showing up to family functions uninvited.

I drove back to Manchester from London a few weeks ago listening to The Joe Rogan Experience. His guest was Elon Musk. Now that's a guy who I'm pretty sure might be an alien. For nearly 3 hours I listened to him speak about AI technology, space travel and the fact he wants to build 99 tunnels under LA to ease congestion of cars on the road. I was close to crashing my car at one point when he spoke about how AI technology in a way basically incurred we all doomed and it won't be long till robots take over and we're the ones building their smartphones. If that day does come, I'd rather die quickly than hear the voice of someone saying 'I told you so'.

The cool thing about Podcasts is everyone has their own niche. My preference is mainly split between Interviews and TED Talks. I thought this week I would let you know the top 3 podcasts which I regularly listen to:

1 - Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr is hands down my favourite comedian of all time and his podcast that comes out every Monday and Thursday is always easy to listen to. Burr mainly rambles on about his everyday life, sports and occasionally even has his wife Nia on the podcast. There's always a story in there which leaves me crying laughing. Which I know must look strange to anyone driving past me at the time. This one story sticks out as Bill meets a psycho on a plain.

2 - The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is insane for the variety of guests he has on each week. It ranges from comedians, doctors, actors, academics. Like Jordan Peterson who after listening to a 3-hour podcast of, makes you question everything in your life; which is always fun if you're driving back from a gig where you've died on stage. Definitely check out the Elon Musk episode I mentioned before - he even gets him to smoke a joint at one point.

3 - WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Marc Maron's 'What The Fuck' Podcast is also great for his variety of guests. Maron has had nearly everyone on including President Obama. What's cool is that Maron's 'WTF' Show was around for the beginning, before podcasting became as popular and it's grown in status not too dissimilar to 'The Joe Rogan Experience'.

The way he interviews is great. There's always something very personal that he's able to get from his guests. One of the episodes I enjoyed the most was with Mike Myers. It shared a lot of information on his personal life and the early stages of his career in such a way that I never expected or heard before. Another unsuspecting favourite is Danny McBride episode, well worth listening to.

My Podcast 'Two Men, Many Voices'

'Two Men, Many Voices' Podcast

It's interesting starting a podcast for yourself. I and my friend James only decided to create one for a laugh. I'm glad to have someone to talk to, as a lot of podcasts are a 'one man show' though I wasn't keen on the idea of talking to myself alone in a room. I already do that enough, trust me.

The concept of our podcast is very simple, each week we pick a subject and then give it a voice of its own. The episodes are no longer than 40 minutes, we aim for 30 minutes but always end up going off on tangents. The format of the show is beginning to take more form with each episode.

We've released 5 episodes so far and are 14 listeners seem to be enjoying them. It's a long way off before it's on the same platform as the ones I admire, but it's not entirely shit either. I know that's not poetic but it's true. My favourite so far has been episode 3 'personality'.

If you've not listened to any of the 'Two Men, Many Voices' episodes check them out below. Thanks for reading.

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